Vision and Mission


Daksya Academy aspires to create a pool of entry level leadership who is passionate, strong on values, has high career orientation, is industry oriented, and has zeal to perform and contribute to the vision of building a NEW INDIA


The skilling objectives at Daksya Academy are as follows:

➡   Domain Skilling to be focused on outcomes, with a very high focus on practical orientation.

➡   The skilling to focus on a live industry like learning environment to the students.

➡   The skilling process to be activity based, with a high focus on learning.

➡   Life Skills orientation to be given to every student for sustained growth at the workplace.

➡   Focus on English and IT skills as well to make the student job ready.


Daksya Academy Value Systems:

➡ Touching Lives: Every act at Daksya has to focus on making a difference in the lives of students attached with the academy.

➡   Passion: All stakeholders are encouraged to be extremely passionate about their work, and take pride in whatever they do.

➡   Recognition: There is a high focus on recognizing the efforts, so as to positively reinforce our performance for sustained results.

➡   Leadership: Every person at Daksya is encouraged to be a leader, and take actions that lead to the improvement in our services to the students.